Brown Rice, Sesame, Spinach and Scallion Pancakes Recipe (2024)



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These pancakes make for a savory dinner! I was low on spinach so I added a few handfuls of arugula and sautéed the greens in olive oil. I served these with Greek yogurt mixed with lemon and parsley. Another flavorful hit from Martha Rose Shulman.


I cut the recipe in half and served with sour cream and chutney (about 20 small pancakes). Also wonderful savory pancake to take on the road.

cooking notes

Good with applesauce!We were out of sesame seeds, so I replaced 1 tablespoon of canola with 1 tablespoon of toasted sesame oil to get the flavor. Worked fine.

Sandi :)

Excellent and easy! I have celiac and must stay gluten-free so I swapped the flour for 1 cup GF flour blend and 1/2 cup almond meal. Based on other suggestions, I lightly cooked the white parts of the scallions and then tossed in the spinach to wilt, and doubled the cheese. Otherwise, I followed the recipe as stated, and it is delicious and delightful! Makes many pancakes, so I will enjoy them longer! Thank you! :)


I have made these 3x now. They are delicious!!! The 3rd time was the best. I added ½ cup each of fresh dill, parsley, sauteed onion & ground almonds and more feta (close to double?). I also cooked smaller pancakes, closer to 1/6 cup plus. They are terrific with Greek yogurt and lemon and also work as “bread” with almond or peanut butter.

katy s.

I agree that these lack pizazz. You have a lot of “bitter” (whole wheat, spinach, green onion) and no sweet or acid. Double the cheese or better yet just sprinkle it over the top. Next time I would sauté sweet onions and add those instead of scallions. The suggestion from another of a chutney accompaniment was great. I ate mine with Greek yogurt and lemon but it needed more. The good news is that they fried up like a dream with no mess or frustrated flipping.


I halved the recipe and added 1/2 tsp garlic powder & 1/2 tsp onion powder, along with some black pepper.I also used extra feta. Even with halving it, it made a lot of batter, more than double what the two of us could eat.The pancakes were very moist with a subtle flavor. Cooking in lots of salted butter made them nice and rich, but medium-high is too high for these pancakes! Do medium/medium-low, otherwise the outside will burn before the inside cooks. Interesting meal.Will play around with it!


I didn't have scallions. Used dill, rosemary, finely chopped red onion & sauteed portobello mushrooms & served with greek yogurt with juice of one lemon. Delicious & Satisfying. Will make again for sure.


I made a double batch and froze the leftovers for an easy meal later. Also mixed plain yogurt with lemon juice and dill as a dip. Tasty!

Samantha S

Turned out as quite hearty and healthy pancakes. Delicious smothered with some greek yogurt + lemon juice.


Perfect topped with tzatziki sauce! Good recipe for quarantine: comfort food taste with a sneaky serving of vegetables inside


Followed the recipe as written—super yummy result. These will easily become a go-to breakfast for on the go or a lunchbox staple. Would be great with a savory tomato jam


I replaced the brown rice with buckwheat, and included some spelt flour with the whole wheat flour. I also added a bit of ground cumin/coriander/fennel. Really delicious. There is a lot of batter, which takes a long time to cook, but I'm looking forward to having some leftover pancakes in the coming few days.


Great recipe! Added a dollop of sour cream and served with orange zest salmon (also from NYT Cooking). Recipe made a lot of batter, but it kept well. Put it in a jar and did for breakfast later that week. Highly recommend!


Agreed that this is bland. Yes - sauteed onions and garlic. NOT CUMIN. Maybe double the scallion?


I made them according to the recipe and found them disappointingly bland. If I were to make them again, I'd sauté some onions and garlic and add some spices, maybe thyme.


I used frozen spinach (well squeezed!) and plain flour and they turned out great. The full recipe makes a huge amount - but if you've got little ones they're great to take on the road. They freeze really well too.

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Brown Rice, Sesame, Spinach and Scallion Pancakes Recipe (2024)
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